Welcome to Beat Lover!

I’m glad you found your way here! After almost two years of preparation and thousands of beat tapes, I am proud to introduce Beat Lover to you!

Here you’ll find a 24-hour radio program that shows all facets of the Beat Scene. Be it Chillhop or Future Beat, LoFi or Boom Bap, we don’t want to limit ourselves to one style.

In the blog I present you regularly the newest Beat Tapes and in the category Offbeat also other music I like. So that the website is not completely empty at the start, I have already posted news since the beginning of the year. So you can already see where the journey will go.

In addition to the radio you can find different playlists on Spotify. You want to discover more beatmakers? In our Producer Database you will find about 700 Beatmakers from over 50 countries and from all continents.

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