Jakspin – “Zodiax II”

zodiax II

After Jakspin started the year with the album “Levitation“, he has now launched an EP series dedicated to the various signs of the zodiac. Today the second part of the series has been released.

After the first part was dedicated to water signs, “Zodiax II” is now dedicated to fire signs. Jakspin plays most of the instruments himself, then samples them in the classical Boom Bap manner. The result are extremely relaxed beats characterized by Rhodes sounds and jazzy guitars.

These signs are known for their openness, their optimism, their positivity and love for the fun side of life. While the water signs represented the deepness and emotionalitiy, the fire signs represent the lust for life and positive energy. The final track „Sagittarius“ takes you to the core of this personality. The uplifting vibes melody and jazzy guitar mark the positive direction.