A D M B – “Outlier”


The London producer A D M B has released a new EP called “Outlier”. It features eight very chilled but at the same time experimental tracks. He produced two songs together with the Swede Boukas and “Beethoven” features Raps by Joon Jukx.

A D B M tells: I really just wanted to try and create something that had a slightly off centre vibe to how I usually approach making music. It can be easy to get boxed in to working to a kind of set structure or sound, so I wanted to give myself the freedom to experiment a little and go in some different directions on this project, even if it felt a bit uncomfortable. I wanted it to be a cohesive project where although the songs are clearly different, they are all connected in some way. I’m not sure these tracks would necessarily make much sense on their own.. but in the context of the thing as a whole I think it all kind of comes together.