j a r j a r j r – “Free Parking on Sundays”

Radio Juicy definitely got a run! After several strong releases from producers like Slowya.roll or Slom, the new EP from j a r j a r j r has arrived. The Irish producer already convinced me last year with his album “Fallen Angel”.

The six tracks on “Free Parking on Sundays” are supposed to be more than just a beat tape, he wants to tell a story. Even though the fat drums are still there, “Free Parking on Sundays” has a lot less bounce than the previous release, which also fits to the story he wants to tell us:

My new project is a departure from the ways of old. Free Parking on Sundays is an aural accomplice on your Sunday morning drive. The EP is comprised of 6 tracks, each documenting the critical stages of thought that ensue following a heavy Saturday night. ‘Wake Up Call’ coaxes you from your covers, with an ethereal introduction. What follows is a rush of energy, joy and confusion as you reminisce and reflect upon the happenings of the night before. Taking the bull by the horns, you begin your journey with “U Turn”, the false naivety in thinking that your actions will bear no consequences and that all is well. Guilt takes a hold in “You Call it Madness”, deep in thought you narrowly avoid crisis in “Close Encounter”. The hustle and bustle of the city snaps you back to reality when you witness a “Quandary on Wandesford Quay”. Finally, you find peace. Forgiving yourself and the night gone by. You feel “Earthed” and are ready to start fresh, embarking upon new adventure. Navel gazing is healthy, but not too much. So be kind to yourself and learn from your mistakes.