Chillhop daydreams 2

chillhop daydream 2

A little more than a year ago Chillhop released the compilation “Chillhop daydream” with the following motto: A soundtrack to your escape from the everyday hectic life.

Now the summer holidays are over for most and the hustle and bustle returns. Fortunately the label has now released the second part and again it should provide inner peace with relaxed beats: Featuring familiar Artists and newcomers alike this 24 track flows like each ocean wave, gently merging into each other as we take time to wonder with a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Featured are among others: Philanthrope, Leavv, G Mills, Dr. Dundiff, Ian Ewing, Pandrezz, Kyle McEvoy, j’san, Yasper, Nokiaa, B-Side, Sofasound, idealism, cocabona, Monma, Allem Iversom, Psalm Trees or HM Surf. Quite a line up, isn’t it?

Two days ago Chillhop also released the six song EP “Levitate” by US producer junior state, which you shouldn’t miss either.