Brenk Sinatra – “Midnite Ride II”

Brenk Sinatra Midnite Ride II

Brenk Sinatra made us wait four years for the second part of “Midnite Ride” and finally we can enjoy a new instrumental project from the Austrian Beat Heavyweight.

The press release says that Brenk is trying to bridge the gap between the allegedly incompatible sound aesthetics of Trap and Boom Bap. At the same time I would say that he also combines his love for West Coast sound with influences from the south.

Those who especially like the soulful beats of Brenk will hardly find what they are looking for on “Midnite Ride II”. Instead, there are 20 tracks full of atmospheric instrumental packed with numerous (rap) vocal samples. He also collaborates with his producer friends Dexter, Fid Mella, Lex Lugner, Saiko and symtex128. Tha Chill, Bad Azz and Mac Lucci can also be heard on the record’s only rap song.

The project resonates with Brenk’s current state of mind like none of his previous projects regarding sound aesthetics. Nevertheless, “Midnite Ride II” delivers a seamless sequel to the first part of the series while at the same time opening up completely new spheres within the sound universe that the beat authority from Vienna lives in. Brenk delivers proof that it’s possible to stay true to your musical base but also develop your sound in an organic and up-to-date way.