DORJ & Melodiesinfonie – “MUAR”

DORJ & Melodiesinfonie MUAR

After they had already announced their common project with two singles, now the joint album of the isralian singer and musician DORJ and the Swiss producer Melodiesinfonie has been released.

On the 11 songs the duo takes us on a journey into their own musical universe. You can expect soulful melodies, jazzy and playful drums, atmospheric sounds and above all a lot of warm and relaxed sounds. Even if the soft singing characterizes the songs, the instrumentals are always given the necessary space to unfold.

Despite the geographical distance, it was important to the two to create the songs together as Melodiesinfonie explains: “It was a long path – we worked for three years on that album. We had only a few sessions in Tel Aviv and Zürich to work on the songs because we wanted to create that universe in the same room.”

A beautiful album!