Inner Ocean Records presents “Bless Vol. 3”

Bless Vol. 3

Inner Ocean Records presents the third part of their annual compilation series “Bless”, which as always collects money for a good cause.

No less than 67 tracks and a total of 2.5 hours of new music can be heard on “Bless Vol. 3”. With this enormous number of songs and different producers you can of course also hear different styles. Dr. Dundiff, Handbook, G Mills, Drips Zacheer, Monma, Rudemanners, Es-K, Linanthem, Gas Lab, Telemakus and many, many more are featured.

You can grab a free download or even better support it with a donation: 100% of the profits from the sale of BLESS Vol. 3 will be donated to Charities through the Good Pin platform. Good Pin allows the supporters of BLESS to allocate a portion of the profits to any charity registered in Canada or the US, essentially giving the power to all of you to decide where you would like to see the money go to!

Vinyl and Shirts are available as well.