CYGN – “Discover”

C Y G N Discover

C Y G N’s first album on Chillhop, “BODY N SOUL”, was definitely a success as it has over 19 million streams on Spotify alone. Of course it also stands out with its very own sound from the exquisite catallog of Chillhop. Now the French producer has released an album on the Dutch label for the second time.

The 11 songs of “Discover” again show the completely own style of C Y G N, which he additionally underlines by adding his vocals to practically all beats, which sounds as if he comes directly from a space capsule.

Musically “Discover” can’t be put in a box, the beats are relaxed on the one hand, but on the other hand they live from wicked basslines and oppressive drums. You can hear atmospheric sounds as well as skilfully used samples, dreamy guitars or jazz-influenced drums. Chillhop himself describes his own mix simply as futuristic funk.