FKJ – Ylang Ylang”


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who calls FKJ one of the most exciting artists of recent years. His debut album “French Kiwi Juice” from 2017 was simply phenomenal. Since then he has released a few singles and remixes plus of course his huge hit with Masego, which has over 100 million (!) streams on Spotify. Not to forget his great one-man live shows.

With “Ylang Ylang” the French musician has now released a new EP without much notice. On the six songs he seems to be consciously against delivering another hit à la “Tadow”. Although he remains true to his style, he implements it much more minimalistically, somehow jazzier and definitely far away from the taste of the masses.

In fact, I was a little irritated when I heard it for the first time. Actually I wanted to write some news about it yesterday, but the EP didn’t blew me away like his album and I noticed that this work needs a little bit more time. Now that I’ve listened more closely and read about the background, I clearly think the EP deserves a (longer) post.

The songs are shaped by a longer time-out FKJ has taken: “Last year I spent about six months in a very remote tropical place where I setup a studio. There is almost no one there. No electricity. I was making music out of a generator that was running only by night. The most beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. When I made music there it felt kind of like a dream state.

Originally he didn’t want to release the songs at all: “I wasn’t planning on releasing them. I’m not sure why anymore. A lot of personal stuff in there. But hey here they are.

It will remain exciting to see where the musical journey of this incredibly talented musician will lead.