Kofi Stone – “Nobody Cares Untill Everybody Does”

Kofi Stone Nobody Cares Till Everybody Does

Whether soul, R&B or rap, some of the most interesting releases of the year came from the island. Now Kofi Stone joins the list of strong UK rap releases with his debut album “Nobody Cares Till Everybody Does”.

The 15 tracks are characterized by relaxed, jazzy productions enriched with some raw, harder beats. They were produced by Joe Corfield, Talos, FloFilz, Tohaj, Saul The Same and Pitch 92. The short guest list includes Loyle Carner, Maverick Sabre and Ady Suleiman.

He uses this subtle production to put his thoroughly honest and reflected lyrics in the foreground. His very lyrical approach should not obscure the fact that Kofi Stone is a technically very skilled rapper. On “Busker Flow” you can even witness the best flow I’ve heard this year. Hands down!