College Music Presents: “Lift Off”

College Music Lift Off

What College Music deliver with their new compilation “Lift Off” can only be described as a early Christmas gift for every beat lover!

Each of the four sides of the double vinyl refers to a different time of day and so a total of 30 exclusive beats have come together.

Among the featured producers are G Mills, Cloudchord, Pandrezz, Philanthrope, Yasper, j’san, Moose Dawa, Kalaido, Idealism and many more.

All earnings from the vinyl version will be donated to a good cause.

We’re donating 100% of profits from the vinyl to ‘Samaritans’, a mental health charity offering 24/7 support for anyone who needs someone. We are fully committed to doing what we can to raise awareness on issues relating to mental health, and direct our listeners to help as and when they need it. Through buying this vinyl, you have helped people get the support they need when they need it most, so thank you. And remember: it’s okay to talk.