Gadget – “Sequences 3.0”

Gadget Sequences 3.0

Gadget, founder of Millenium Jazz Music and the Jazz Jousters, releases the third part of this instrumental series seven years after “Sequences 2.0”.

I’ll let the man himself explain what you can expect: “This time S3.0 features 17 experimental productions that are much more Jazz based compared to the mixture of styles on the previous two volumes. The tracks are a mix of beats that were either made for certain artists who never came through, some were the result of sample challenges, as you know I love to do them at times. Others are either drafts I finally did arrangements for, or they’re simply brand spanking new beats and loops made while testing out equipment or just jamming in the ‘Audio Dojo’.

We will definitely get to hear a lot more from the UK veteran this year: “I’m slowly working on the official album and a few other collaborative bits which will all unfold in 2020.