RINZ. – “Seaside”

RINZ. Seaside

On his first album, Amsterdam-based RINZ. brings us the perfect soundtrack to say goodbye to the everyday hassle.

The ten tracks on “Seaside” are beautifully relaxed and atmospheric and just right to let your mind wander. He combines nice guitar melodies with versatile drums and spices the whole thing with synth sounds and sporadically used vocals.

RINZ. describes the album and its background as follows: Busy city life an imbalance in work can cause stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Certainly, people deal with it in different ways. “Seaside” is a musical journey that entails multiple styles and diverse layers of sound. It embeds thought processes and lines out a meditation-like experience at the Seaside to cope with tension and stress. Staring at the movement of water and clouds can have tremendous effects for and soul. Throughout this process, multiple experiences and feelings can be sensed within the music.