Drum Pedro – “Grown Folks Music”

Drum Pedro Grown Folks Music

The Spanish producer Drum Pedro recently sent me his album “Grown Folks Music”, released at the end of January. Since I also feel a part of “Grown Folks”, I listened to it instantly.

The first thing that caught my attention was the wonderful sample selection as well as the, as his name implies, tight drums. Even though the 16 tracks are clearly rooted in Boom Bap, he brings in enough rhythmic variety so that no monotony occurs.

However, he himself described his release much more beautifully than I probably ever could: Dive into the deep sounds of music and its transcending melodies. Creations of passion, patience, blood and sweat. Relationship story through my eyes? Maybe. Geeky concept album with a trampoline of emotions? Absolutely.

This tape definitely deserves more listeners!