Playlists killed the radio star…

Beat Lover Playlists

The original idea of Beat Lover was to create an online radio with exclusively instrumental hiphop but the focus has shifted towards blog and playlists.

There are several reasons for it. First of all, it’s clear that in times of playlists, online radio is clearly outdated. Furthermore, radio was always the biggest point of cost for my project. Besides the software I had to pay for the licenses of the songs and last but not least curating the radio program took a lot of time.

Long story short – I have tried to integrate the songs I played on the radio into my playlists. What I regret a little bit is that there are several hundred songs which unfortunately can’t be found on Spotify. Furthermore I’m of course very well aware that not everybody uses Spotify.

With the end of the radio, I have now also launched some new playlists. After having curated six different instrumental playlists so far, I have now expanded the selection to 10 different lists. This with the goal to have an even more coherent sound and to offer the listeners a lot more variety. In total, the 10 playlists contain over 1’500 beats – there should definitely be something for every beat lover.

I hope you find the time to check it out and I’m happy about every feedback (and of course every new follower)