Kupla – “Kingdom in Blue”

Kupla Kingdom in Blue

What a lovely surprise, Kupla is back with the follow-up to the strong “Imaginary” and the EP “Coniferous“.

Kupla moved back from England to his home country Finland end of last year and I assume that the artwork refers to this trip. It’s quite possible that it also had a musical impact. You can certainly hear an atmosphere of departure and maybe also a certain melancholy about what he left behind. But that’s just my interpretation, at the end of the day there are the usual beautiful melodies dominated by piano and clarinet, which touch every listener for sure.

By the way, “Kingdom in Blue” is released on ChilledCow Records. Of course everybody knows ChilledCow from their super successful livestream on YouTube and their playlists with enormous follower numbers. So now ChilledCow is also acting as a label and has released a strong compilation as well as projects by Chris Mazuera, C4C & kokoro and recently “Jiro Dreams” by Dontcry and Glimlip.

Here you can find Kupla’s favorite albums of 2019