Zesik – “Late Night Stories”

Zesik Late Night Stories

If you are into heavy drum breaks combined with dreamy melodies, then you are at the right place with Greek producer Zesik.

Also on his third album “Late Night Stories” he cultivates the mixture of raw drums and melodic samples. Zesik himself describes his sound as Trip Hop and he also calls it nostalgic. Due to the rawness of the drums in particular, I also feel a certain anger in the music.

Speaking of Greece and anger: At the moment everyone is talking about the corona virus for good reason. But what is forgotten is that Europe is throwing its last bit of human dignity overboard at the Greek border. The way this rich continent with a colonial past deals with people seeking help and protection is simply pathetic and belongs in the headlines just as much as Corona. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to blame Greece alone – what we witness here is a collective failure of European politics.

But now enjoy this dope album!