Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Addicted To You”

Ben L’Oncle Soul Addicted To You

More than a decade ago, Ben L’Onlce Soul became known for creating wonderful soul songs from sometimes horrible pop hits (for an example, click here). With his version of “Seven Nation Army” he finally took off, which also helped to make his strong debut a success. In 2014 followed his second album “A Coup de Rêves” and two years later “Under My Skin” with soulful covers of Frank Sinatra songs. Now the French soul uncle is finally back with his own songs and a new album called “Addicted To You”.

The retro sound of earlier albums can be found in places on the eleven new songs, but there are clearly more contemporary influences, so that “Addicted To You” sounds like a journey through different eras of soul music. Ben is supported by Yuna, Samory I and the French rap legends IAM.