Weekend Chill

Weekend Chill

Have a nice and relaxed weekend!

Moose Dawa – “All Things”

Almost a year after his last release “Dreams from the Shore” with Psalm Trees, Moose Dawa is back with a new project. On “All Things” you get four jazzy tracks which he reduced to the essential.

Kazam – “Natural Healing”

“Natural Healing” is already the second album of the French producer Kazam this year with eight very atmospheric and often jazzy beats.

Elijah Nang – “Gaijin II Tale of Rai”

The samurai beatsmith Elijah Nang returns and allows us to travel to Japan despite the lockdown.

Spencer Hunt – “Sound Asleep”

With “Sound Asleep” Spencer Hunt gives us a dreamy release full of soft melodies.

Etymology Records – “Barista Beats”

On their compilation “Barista Beats” Etymology Records brings together 20 varied chill beats from producers like Sebastian Kamae, Oatmello, imagiro, Hz., MARTIN $KY, G Mills, BROCKBEATS or Remulak.

Remulak – “Flourish”

Speaking of Remulak, he also released a new album today, which is strongly influenced by trip hop and downbeat. So not the typical chill soundtrack but thanks to the many melancholic melodies definitely an album that inspires to reflect.

Karavelo – “Until We Meet Again”

After an extremely productive 2019, Karavelo has now released his first EP in 2020. “Until We Meet Again” contains six tracks that invite you to daydream with beautiful melodies.

Mensing – “Afternoon”

Jazzy and relaxed that’s how it goes down on the four tracks of the new EP “Afternoon” of German producer Mensing.