Handbook – “Rewind”

Handbook Rewind

After having already released three EP’s this year, Handbook now returns with his latest album “Rewind”.

Get ready for melodious and relaxed Boom Bap. Besides eight instrumental tracks the album also features collaborations with Rich Garvey, Violet Indigo and RKZ.

“Similar to ‘Reminiscence’, ‘Rewind’ is all about stopping to reflect and take stock. It’s important for me to go back and think about all the experiences that I have had. After all, those experiences give me inspiration and shape my sound. My work, my friends, my family all influence what occurs sonically. The settings of occasions and the weather that day, the smells associated with those times, or the sounds generated bynature or people that occur in those moments: they form the intricate mosaic that manifests in my music.