Melodiesinfonie – “Fragments”

Melodiesinfonie Fragments

The beauty of Melodiesinfonie‘s regularly appearing new projects is that you never really know in advance what to expect. With “Fragements” the latest work of the Swiss producer and musician has now been released.

The first thing I noticed is that the 13 songs are very guitar-driven and also more accessible and less experimental than on some of his other projects. The fact that you can recognize immediately that this is a Melodiesinfonie project is due to his singing, which can be heard on almost every song, as well as the positive vibes and the always fresh and creative drums.

He shares: I won’t call “Fragments” an album – it’s more like a collection of feelings, moments, experiences, struggles and questions I’ve had and still have. It was a great journey to learn to play the guitar and trying something new and leave my comfort zone. Music is universal. In crazy times like this, may this album bring you to a place where you can rest and recharge. Everything is gonna be alright.

The vinyl version is available here.