Aiguille – “Day and Night”

Aiguille Day and Night

Chillhop introduces us to a new producer. His name is Aiguille and he debuts with the EP “Day and Night”.

He focuses on simple, reduced drums which he combines with smooth (guitar) melodies. He creates different moods, which is also because the EP should reflect the different times of day. The final song “Nightglow” features Evil Needle.

Time is split in half. Half day and half night. Aiguille’s cohesive EP begins with the sun: “Daylight” and “Daydream”. We hear birds, running water, the globe in motion. “Day and Night”, the third track, satisfies the symmetry and sees the setting sun. The welcoming of the moon. The project’s final two tracks, “Nightfall” and “Nightglow”, expose the evening. We hear the twilight echoes. The animals active in the trees. It’s a rhythmic experience, enjoying 24 hours in under 15 minutes.