The Deli, Es-K & Jansport J – “Amparo”

The Deli, Es-K & Jansport J Amparo

In a time before Corona, The Deli, Es-K and Jansport J set up a temporary studio in Madrid and let their creativity flow.

On the 20 tracks of the album the three producers not only influenced each other, they also let themselves be inspired by the Spanish capital and last but not least numerous producers from different countries such as Saib, Gadget or ØDYSSEE came to visit their studio.

The result is an album of three beat-enthusiasts who experiment, try out new things and set themselves no limits.

As soon as travelling is possible again without any problems, there will be a second part. We hope for many reasons that this will soon be the case!

Vinyl, tape or CD are available here.