To present you the wonderful variety of Instrumental HipHop, we have created ten different playlists. Whether relaxed chillhop, jazzy beats, raw boom bap, beats for sleepless nights or productions straight from the future – every beat lover will find the right soundtrack. The playlists feature over 2’200 songs and are updated regularly.

For even more variety we also created three soul and two rap playlists.

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Cultivated Coziness

Beautiful melodies. Crunchy drums. Positive vibes. Of course you can also work or study to these relaxed chillhop beats, but doing nothing and enjoying it definitely feels better.

Nighttime Beats

The soundtrack for sleepless nights, when thoughts wander to these smooth and atmospheric beats. Until you eventually fall asleep.

Classic Material

This one is for all the boom bap headz! Jazzy loops, piano and horn samples, dirty drums & vocal cuts – that pure 90s flavor!

Jazz Thing

For me personally, beatmaking is what jazz is to the older generation. Musical freedom, improvisation and innovation. Here both worlds unite to jazzy beats par excellence.

Mellow Flow

Smooth and futuristic, bouncy but also great to chill. Dive into the present and future of beatmaking!

That Bounce!

You like these bouncy drums and innovative, playful beatmaking? These producers make your head nod and bring you the beats of the future!

Beatch Chair

The soundtrack for having a drink at the beach, celebrating a pool party or having a BBQ with friends. Mostly uptempo, funky and summery beats. Nuthin‘ but good vibes!

Boom Nap

Boom Bap beats to relax or even take a little nap. The head nods but the rest of the body takes a well-deserved break.

Boom Bap Flava

Sample heavy productions with crispy drums. These raw boom bap beats never get old.

Contemporary Boom Bap

Beats rooted in Boom Bap but with a modern twist. The perfect mix of retro and future.

Future Soul

Soul and R&B tunes that lead the way into the future. Touching voices mixed with state of the art beatwork.

Neo Soul Vibes

Bringing together the best of soul, hiphop and jazz

Soul Journey

Here you can find some of the most exciting soul songs of the last few years, which are inspired by the golden soul era but always sound new and fresh.

No Gimmicks

Real Rap – No Gimmicks. Just dope MCs on raw productions. Beats, Rhymes, Cuts – what else do you need?

Fresh Rap

Just some random fresh rap tunes from the last few years that I think will outlast these fast-moving times. No boundaries, just dope rap.